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Wrinkles examines the aging process of the human face. The tension between both polar impulses - repair and impair - is conceived in the work as the essential place for a real examination and deconstruction of these concepts. In my work I investigate the parameters of the aging process creating a unique wrinkles map in which my future wrinkles are represented, filled-in and repaired using a gilded metal thread. The resulting image led to the design of a series of wrinkle mask jewellry for the face, neck and decollate.

The contrast created between the young facial skin and the unavoidable wrinkles awaiting it, abolishes a timeline and gives a platform to morphological transformation. This intervention undermines the function of the object as jewellry and stresses questions that do not only concern repair and impair, but also ugliness, beauty and blurring of the line between the two.

"Wrinkles" was desplayed in "Multiple Exposures" The Museum of Arts and Design, and "Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial",  in New York.


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